Lumion 5.7: Release Notes – English


  • Please note that scenes created in Lumion 5.7 cannot be opened in earlier versions of Lumion.
  • If you need to import a Lumion 4.5.1 or 5.0 scene that includes Photo mode effects, you must save the effects as a file (Context Menu -> File -> Save). After importing the scene in 5.7, simply load the saved effect file in 5.7 via Context Menu -> File -> Load.


  • New MyLumion mode: This mode allows you to export up to seven 360 degree panoramas per Lumion seat. The panoramas can be accessed on internet-enabled PCs, phones and tablet devices. It includes a new viewpoint editor in Lumion so that you can switch from one exported panorama to another by clicking on viewpoint icons in the published panorama project. Please note thatMyLumion is a Beta service which means that it is still under development. Projects rendered to using Lumion 5.7 and Lumion Pro 5.7 will be stored online until 1st January 2016. After November 2015 you can no longer make MyLumion projects. For more information, please see the Frequenty Asked Questions on
  • Please note that the Text Simple object as well as parts of some trees/plants are currently rendered multiple times from different angles on MyLumion panoramas. This is a known issue.
  • Mass Move effect: The new Toggle Dual Direction button makes it possible to toggle the direction of the animated objects as well as to enable lane traffic in opposite directions.
  • Mass Move effect: The new Toggle Cars/People/Imported Objects button allows you to specify which object categories should be affected by the path animation.
  • New Resource Monitor: This is located in the top right corner and displays the amount of graphics card memory that is in use as well as the total available graphics card memory.
  • New Japanese flag (in Outdoor Assorted category).
  • 15 new plants, flowers and grass models (Lumion Pro only – in Nature category).


  • The ocean now renders correctly when smoke and fire effects overlap the horizon.
  • Mark as terrain: This function now locks the imported model. You need to turn Mark as terrain off if you want to move the model again.
  • ALT-copying Reflection Control objects and Clip Planes has been disabled as duplicated copies do not do anything.
  • Hedge1_RT and IvyWall_xxxx_RT objects now behave like other hedge objects when ALT-copying them.
  • Models that are placed on the Lumion terrain or in the air above the terrain are no longer offset incorectly when the terrain is lowered or raised. Please note that this fix only resolves the error for objects that are placed in version 5.7 or newer.
  • An average 3D Point number of 5,000 for every trees & plant in the scene is now included in the total 3D Point number in the new Resource Monitor in the top right corner.
  • The (H), (R), (L) and (M) shortcuts now also work as expected in Move mode.
  • Place item on Nodes function: Lights and trees/plants are now placed on the same Layer as the imported node object.
  • Mass Placement: Fading terrain edges are now taken into account when placing objects.
  • Mass Placement: If placing multiple sounds at the same spot the sound gizmo no longer disappears.
  • It is now possible to delete a Lumion Water plane by clicking on the Trashcan icon again.
  • Lumion water planes are no longer offset from the mouse cursor when placing them.
  • A user-submitted scene with extreme specular glare now looks correct.
  • Grass is now aligned more accuractely with the slope angle of imported models.
  • Place item on nodes tool: Changing the heights of lights created with the Place item on nodes tool now works correctly.
  • Place item on nodes tool: This tool no no longer causes spotlights to disappear at certain camera angles in a user-submitted scene. Please note that the node source object should be re-imported in order for the error fix to be applied.
  • Place item on Nodes tool: Lights and trees/plants are now placed on the same Layer as the imported node object.
  • Tooltip text: Force Height On Landscape is now Force Height On Terrain.
  • Tooltip text: Mark as landscape is now Mark as terrain.
  • Mass Move effect: This effect has been optimized so that the scene file size no longer increases proportionally to the number of objects in the scene.
  • Mass Move effect: This effect no longer moves all object types within the path perimeter.
  • Reflection effect: The terrain outside the editable area is now also visible in planar reflections.
  • Advanced Move effect: It is no longer possible to accidentally select multiple objects.
  • MaterialID custom image output: The Clip Plane object is now taken into account when rendering this image type.
  • Handheld Camera effect: The Tilt slider now works as expected when saving Photo Sets.
  • Handheld Camera effect: The vignette is now included when rendering MP4s and image sequences.
  • Clip type -> Movie: The effects that are available in Clip mode when using MP4s as clips has been revised and expanded.
  • Move effect: 3D people are now upright when moving along a sloped path.
  • Rain effect: Lightning no longer highlights the individual faces of the Lumion terrain.
  • Self-shadows on animated 3D people no longer flicker in a user-submitted scene.
  • Global Illumination effect: The Spotlight Count is now correct after deleting spotlights.
  • Shadow effect: The Distance tooltip is no longer displayed when the effect is hidden.
  • Video Clip type: It is no longer possible to add the Material Highlight effect to this clip type as it does not do anything. However, certain relevant artistic effects have now been made available.
  • Video Clip type: When using MP4 files as clips in a movie, Lumion now displays a warning stating that MP4 files are not saved in LS5 files.
  • Video Clip type: When opening an LS5 file on another PC, Lumion now checks if MP4 files that are used as Video Clip types are available in the same location as the LS5 file.
  • Typing a new Photo slot name using the QWEASD keys no longer causes the camera view to change.
  • 2-Point Perspective effect: This effect will now work correctly when rendering Photo Sets.
  • The Previous Keys/Next Keys buttons are no longer visible in Photo mode after copy-pasting effects from Movie mode.
  • The Glass material of built-in Model Library objects is now slightly less transparent, especially at night. This prevents the glass surfaces from looking almost invisible.
  • Certain trees and plants now have better specular highlights.
  • Forklift_002 and MobileCrane_001 now have color masks.
  • House_GB_05 now includes a small texture coordinate fix.
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally change the materials of a hidden model when this model is aligned with another (visible) model.
  • Glass material: The Transparency slider now changes the opacity of the material more gradually.
  • Color material: Depth Offset is now called Flicker Reduction.
  • The material Bricks_020_1024x512 has been improved slightly by removing some paint and chalk drawings from the texture.
  • Standard material: The Padlock icon on the Color Map slot now has improved tooltip text.
  • The Normal Map tooltip now says Create Normal Map instead of Flip Normal Map direction when you have assigned a new Standard material to an object that already contains a Color Map.
  • The texture of a Standard material no longer gets flipped or rotated when the Scale is changed from 0.
  • Imported model files moved to sub-folders in the Library folder are no longer re-saved to the root of the Library folder when reloading the models.
  • Merge SceneLayers are now automatically created if a merged scene contains more layers than the existing scene.
  • Texture resolutions are now capped at 2048×2048 pixels if the texture memory consumption of the imported model exceed 250MB. You can bypass this texture optimization cap by holding down the (CTRL) key when reloading or importing a model.
  • A warning is now displayed when importing DWG files that only consist of 2D elements (since Lumion can only import 3D elements).
  • The Emergency Activation Code system should now work again for all users.
  • The Farnsworth House demo scene now has better glass material properties.
  • Some unnecessary objects were removed from the Impressions demo scene.
  • New tab: The Settings button is no longer obscured by the Help tooltip text.
  • It is now possible to swap the left and right mouse buttons in Windows while running Lumion.
  • An .INN file that appeared when importing scenes with missing files is no longer created, so that the Lumion folder can be removed completely when uninstalling Lumion.
  • The tooltip for “Limit all textures to 512×512” has been updated.
  • The license agreement which appears when Lumion starts up the first time now includes a new section about the MyLumion service as well as an improved layout.
  • Lumion Viewer: The logo no longer overlaps the Viewer Mode text.
  • Lumion Viewer: The Help text is now also displayed if the LS5 file contains clips.

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