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Unicorn, more than a render engine

The render engines are a fundamental tool to show our clients the designs that we have in mind for them.

Rendering has become a fundamental part of the design process, not “just” a marketing tool, to get investors or customers.

In addition with the appearance and universalization of “augmented reality” and “virtual reality” it is increasingly easier to access glasses that allow us to navigate our virtual scenes.

Therefore, a render engine must also incorporate the output to this type of format.

Some years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Unicorn in Berlin, although at that time it was only the beginning … a few years later version 1.0 was born with surprising results. Recently, with version 2, and now with the improved version 2.2, Unicorn is becoming a serious competitor for any other render engine.


It surprises the quality of rendering that almost instantly achieves, being able to work with geometry created in almost any of the most usual programs for architecture, industry, etc.

In the latest versions appears more vegetation, but what is most surprising is the quality of materials and lighting. It is clear that its creators understood that this is what differentiates a realistic scene from those that are not.

Unicorn is a great engine to take into account, although it has some more capabilities like incorporating vegetation, water, etc.

I recommend to try it, because they are going to be surprised with certainty. Download and test UNICORN in this official link

To get better performance from UNICORN the manufacturer recommends at least an Intel i5 (better i7) CPU, with 16 Gb of RAM, and an Nvidia graphics card with 1500 CUDA.

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