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Sketchfab: How to install the exporter for 3D Studio Max

Create an account Sketchfab easy. The best, perhaps, is the possibility of uploading our 3D models directly from the program in which we are working.

From web Sketchfab can download an exporter for 3D Studio Max and in this tutorial I will explain how to install it step by step.


1) Download the file 3dsmax2sketchfab.mzp from on the menu More > Exporters. In the section of 3D Studio Max.

2) Move the file 3dsmax2sketchfab.mzp to the folder stdplugs located in C:> Program Files> Autodesk> 3ds Max 2013> stdplugs

3) Open 3D Studio Max. The program will display a warning window. Click OK.

4) Select Customize User Interface from Customize> Customize User Interface as you can see in the following figure.

5) From the Customize User Interface box, select the Toolbars tab and in Category, select Klaas Tools.

6) Drag Sketchfab 7.3 to 3D Studio Max area where you want to have access to the exporter. This example is located in the top bar called Quick Access Toolbar.

7) Save the changes (using Save …) and then close the Customize User Interface box.

8) You will now have easy access to the button that opens the Sketchfab exporter. With a single click you are ready to upload to your account Sketchfab.

Tutorial: create by Milton Chanes

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