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When my company become BIM

Every day the term BIM appears in the dialy language and many people associated it with the program that they know. Many people believe that BIM and Revit are the same, when in fact Revit is simply a program based on BIM such as AutoCAD is based on CAD technology.

But what I would like to explain in this article to users and companies what means to be “BIM” for practical purposes and I don not refer to the software they use, but how to approach an architectural or engineering project.

While the video shown here, where Autodesk explains the BIM process of a building, the fact is that the technology mentioned in the video is not futuristic. All that technology currently exists. The only difference with reality is that no one (yet) has united everything efficiently. Of course there are companies engaged in management and consulting for BIM processes, but just at the office, and some progress in work, but not at all levels. Namely, from the products manufacturer used on site at the time of delivering the key. This is something that has not yet been achieved, although not surprise me that could happen in the coming months and more and more frequently.

Everything have its time. The BIM has many years of existence, ArchiCAD being one of the first softwares. However, the time is now, not 20 years ago. When born social networks such as MySpace, had its small market share, but never succeeded massively as Facebook. Just few years between them but just one born at the right time, and became fashionable social networks. In turn, these, indirectly changed the way people interact and online did the term 2.0.

The BIM is living his best moment. No doubt, and the culprit of this is Revit. I know I will have many voices disagreeing this but the fact is that while other softwares as Allplan, ArchiCAD have always had a true market share is Revit which has made the change between AutoCAD users. And talking about the software that most users have in the world and get a minimum percentage pass to Revit, we face the most used BIM software shortly. Currently is the most popular, no doubt. But, is it the best? I would ask to Esther Maldonado in Madrid, who has had the opportunity to work with ArchiCAD, Allplan and Revit and surely the answer is that all of the softwares work very well, and none excels technically in front of others. However, Revit has some PLUS that make the software with more projection than the others. Firstly, the users are very loyal and the truth is that having 3 different areas in Architecture, Structure and MEP with the possiblities of geometry evolve or take other specific softwares to carry out the most variegated, seems to be the way of the undisputed success. Being of Autodesk, help you find easiest business models and the doors will open easily.

But, what is to be BIM? Talking about a company dedicated to the construction area. For example, Roca in Spain. Before a company like Roca, was satisfied to offer to their customers downloading the PDF files about their products with technical specifications, and the models in 2D and / or 3D in dwg format. The architect, downloading those drawings and inserted into your project. While AutoCAD for many years allows the incorporation of attributes to a block, so they can contain such technical information and even link it to a PDF, the truth is that it hasn´t been used in architecture. In engineering rather more, and just enough. A dynamic block, …ugh… and annotative, … another ugh… we can say that they are legacy technologies in AutoCAD that come from Revit, which users have failed to exploit its full potential, not saying that all cases are like that, but mostly.

Now, when we use Revit, and draw using a family (Revit BIM object, as it somehow) as a shower, it can not be just a “sketch” that bears some semblance to the object being put on site. Now should be the actual object itself digitized. I mean, not only is an object that can be displayed in 2D, 3D and materials, but also contains technical information, price, available colors and among many others might even contain the existing stock.

This brings a new reality. A reality where you go from drawing plans to build virtual models. Models that reflect what will happen in reality. For example, the shower drain, be physically in place that are supposed to be on site, and when we perform the model facilities (MEP) drainage will have to be glued to the starting point of the shower. There is no possibility to lying.

Hence, it is not science fiction, when in the Autodesk´s video showing a team of engineers seeks an installation using Augmented Reality through their tablet. That happens, if the virtual model matches the real model, then you can aim well with a tablet and this, after finding the reference points could place the elements that should be behind the ceiling.

Friends, the long BIM that is among us. But it is now, and not before, when taking the construction market by leaps and bounds. You should, and you are required to start learning one of these softwares. I recommend you to learn Revit, because in a few months will be as important as knowing English to work in an architectural office from anywhere in the world. If construction companies are already moving to BIM. What exactly are you waiting for? Are you afraid to be a fad?

You can start, if you want it, with my online course in Revit Architecture or any academy near you. But learn REVIT. Soon you’ll have to use

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